Cervelo 2024 Aspero-5 GRX Di2

Cervelo 2024 Aspero-5 GRX Di2

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From us:

For us, the Aspero strikes that perfect balance between comfort and speed. It might be marketed by Cervélo as a ‘Gravel Race Bike’ but that doesn’t mean it isn’t comfy; it’s just built for gravel rides with purpose, but would be perfectly at home on a leisurely dirty doddle as well. We’ve put the Aspero through its paces on some pretty gnarly terrain in and around Sydney, and it’s taken it all like a champ.  Undisuted Wheelhaus Gravel Bike of The Year!


From Cervélo:

Flat out! That’s how Aspero debuted under the characters of the Wednesday Night Rough Club two years ago, and that’s how it’s stayed. And since, at Cervélo, we know that flat out doesn’t stay flat out for long without a little help from science, we’ve come back from the drawing board with a new Aspero. A faster Aspero, a lighter Aspero, and—dare we say it—an even better looking Aspero.

Our engineers like to say, "If it looks fast, it probably is"—but there’s some truth to it, and Aspero-5 looks fast standing still. No cables in the wind, tubes derived from our library of aerodynamically proven shapes, and just a hint of a cut out in the seat tube to squeak out just a bit more tire clearance, add up to a bike that proves the adage.

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