Focus 2022 Paralane 8.8

Focus 2022 Paralane 8.8

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The Focus Paralane is a super sweet bike for tackling a mix of terrain, with enough clearance for some pretty chunky rubber. The relaxed endurance geometry of the frame is designed for long rides and comfort, but it’s still snappy enough to put down the hammer if your heart (and legs) desire.

The Paralane is a real “do-it-all” rig; two pairs of wheels and tyres -- one for gravel, and one for road -- would see you do away with the need for a second bike entirely. And given its adventurous orientation, it comes with a set of nifty quick mount mudguards, if you see yourself really getting out there. 

We even did a custom build for a customer recently, with flat bars and flat pedals, and it was right at home as a pimped-out city bike. With the Paralane, the world’s your oyster.

Limited numbers due in December. Pre-order now to secure yours.